Ormsbee Trail Closing  | E Bikes Policy


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We are gathering information about damage to the EM trails from the wind storm last December. Anyone with knowledge of downed trees  on trails should report them to Allan Serrano at allanjserrano@gmail.com. He’d also like to know if anyone wants to help with the cleanup, especially if you have a chain saw. We have a lot of work to do! Thanks.


East Montpelier Trails, Inc. (EMTI) is a non-profit volunteer organization working to responsibly build and maintain a local network of trails in East Montpelier, Vermont.

EMTI was established with the mission of working with willing landowners to create and maintain a permanent network of multi-use trails on private and protected lands in East Montpelier.

Our goal is to provide healthy recreational opportunities while connecting the community and it’s schools and neighborhoods. We currently have 15 miles of marked trails  and 11 trailheads with information signs at the parking areas.

Find out more about volunteering:  How to become more involved with EM Trail Projects