1 – Town Forest-County Road-Peck Farm Trail1.8 m +.5 m spur – Haggett Rd or County Rd to Templeton Rd

Access A: Park at Town Forest Parking Area on right side of Haggett Rd – .75 m from County Rd
Access B: Park in marked Parking Area east of Fire Station on Templeton Rd. Don’t park on road, or block access to Fire Station.

Varied, gently rolling terrain with woodlands and farm lanes. Parts of this trail can be tricky to follow since it crosses some other trails so watch for the EMT signs.The Esther Salmi Memorial with Bench has a lovely view. There is a .5 mile spur to County road which skirts the White Cemetery. Note: no gravestones are exposed.

2 – Holden-Templeton Trail1.3 m – Templeton Rd to Center Rd

See Access B Above

 This is a delightful trail and you will enjoy fields, woodlands, mountain views and gently rolling terrain. This trail is not open to bicycles, according to the wishes of a landowner. Go east down Templeton .25 mi and then turn right up next driveway. Trailhead is on right up the hill.
Access C: Pull off parking (except in winter) for 3 or so cars at trailhead on west side of Center Rd just south of Templeton Farm.

This is a delightful trail and you will enjoy woodlands, fields, mountain views and gently rolling terrain. This trail is not open to bicycles, according to the wishes of a landowner.

3 – Templeton-Fairmont Trail1.5 m – Center Rd to Dodge Rd

See Access C Above: Walk south along narrow and scenic Center Rd .25 mi until the trail leaves the road to the left.
Access D: Parking for a few cars in marked Parking Area off Dodge Rd .75 mi west of the 4 Corners School.

 This lovely and varied section has panoramic views across farm fields to the east. There is a steep section near a sugar woods. You can read a fascinating historic marker at the edge of the woods near the Fairmont field. A little further on there is a bench with views of the mountains to the east.

4 – Mallory Brook Trail1.5 m + 1.6 m loop – Johnson Rd to Cherry Tree Hill Rd For the foreseeable future we recommend crossing the stream only during low water flow by “fording” or “rock-hopping”. We have marked a new section of trail, which takes you to a better location for this. There may be times when it is not possible to cross. Stay safe!

Access E: Parking for 4 cars at the end of Johnson Rd

Access F: There is parking for a number of cars in a parking lot off Cherry Tree Hill

The  trail provides the experience of a wilderness trail with stone stairways, specimen White Pine, Hemlock and Cedar trees, and an exciting river crossing. The conservation easement here allows for “freedom to roam” to explore the river course. You may explore or hike as long as you do not remove, cut or move anything. Terrain and wet conditions mean trail is not suitable for biking.

5 – Karen Clark Trail1 m– Wheeler Rd to U-32 High School system

Access G: There is room to pull off  near the trail head at the junction of Schoolhouse Rd and Wheeler Rd.

This old farm road winds through a mature hemlock stand and over a boardwalk to U-32 and the proposed access to Cross Vermont Trail, via U-32 Trails. Absolutely No Dogs off Leash on school property.

6 – Sparrow Farm – Montpelier Trail1.3 m  Sparrow Farm Rd to Montpelier Town Line –  then 1 m to Montpelier Rec Field

Access H: Limited pull off parking south side of Sparrow Farm Rd south of Jacobs Rd intersection.
Access I: Montpelier Rec Field. See Montpelier Rec Dept for map of this end.

Trail is flat at upper end near Sparrow Farm’s fields and has a long boardwalk across a wetland. The trail is quite steep lower down, and winds through an impressive stand of old growth Hemlock. It joins the Montpelier Park trail system at the bottom. Check the Hubbard & North Branch Parks & Trails (PDF) map online since that trail system has many route options. https://www.montpelier-vt.org/211/Park-Maps

We share maintenace with the Montpelier Area Mountain Bike Association (MAMBA).

7 – Ormsbee Trail1 m + .5 m  Horse Shoe Loop – Powder Horn Glen Rd to Center Rd

Access K: Pull-off parking for 2 cars on Center Rd across from trailhead.
Old Powder Horn Glen parking has now been closed. See home page explanation.

This loop trail skirts the Fairmont fields, then winds through Hemlocks & mixed hardwoods. Trail spur marked VISTA leads to a bench with views of working farms, Spruce Mountain, and the White Mountains on a clear day. Bonus trails connect to the loop; Starr/Dworkin loop trails are marked with red or black arrows and trail maps. Go north on Center Rd to continue on more EMTI trails 2/3 mile away.