Closing Ormsbee Trail parking on Powder Horn Glen Road

EMTI has closed the parking area on Powder Horn Glen Road (PHG).  As of May 10 the Ormsbee trail can be accessed by parking at the designated pull-off on Center Road.

The PHG parking area lies on private land and the owners have requested that we shut it down due to the issues outlined below.  We appreciate the generosity of the landowners for allowing us to give this location a try.  We are happy to say that the private trails adjoining the Ormsbee Trail are still offered for public use, by the same landowner.  If you use them, please show respect for the private enjoyment of all.  Leave no trace and refrain from taking any signs or wild plants.

With deep regret, East Montpelier Trails and the landowners are closing the parking area on Powder Horn Glen Road for the Ormsbee Trail. The trailhead and parking on Center Road will still be available.

How the decision came about:

Apparently, we have been the victim of our own success. Many people have been coming here and enjoying the trail, and that is great. And most trail users have been thoughtful and courteous. But too many problems have come up:

  • Dogs off leashes on the road and by folks’ houses.
  • Too many cars parking in the trailhead lot.
  • Cars parking on the road, all around the blind corner– especially dangerous in winter, but also dangerous when there’s no snow.
  • Cars blocking a driveway.
  • Cars in lot backing over and breaking property marker pins.
  • And lots of dog poop on the trail.

The final straw came one day recently: too many cars in the lot (limit is two), so a car had to back out instead of turning around. A small neighborhood kid was coming down the hill on his bike as the car started to back out. There were cars parked around both sides of the blind curve, blocking sight lines. Luckily, the car hung itself up on our property marker, stopped, and the kid went safely past. The next time could be much, much worse.

This trailhead was an experiment, since the access is on a tricky curve, and very close to neighboring houses. It’s too bad that it hasn’t worked out.

So, the Ormsbee Trail will now be a loop, out and back from the trailhead on Center Road.

We will be posting signs, and updating the EM Trails website. Please respect the landowners and neighbors on Powder Horn, and do not park in the lot or along the road on the blind curve. Mike and Loring still welcome folks to use the trail system on their land, but please park at the eastern end of the trail, on Center Road.

With regret, Loring Starr and Michael Dworkin (landowners) and East Montpelier Trails